Property Management FAQs:

A. What is your fee?

We charge a flat % fee based upon rent collected. This monthly fee is based upon the number of units that we manage for you. Please contact us for specific details. We do not charge any marketing fees, leasing fees, re-leasing fees, etc.

B. What is the length of your agreements?

We offer an annual management agreement, with  automatic annual extensions. Our lease agreements also start at on an annual term with month- to-month extensions available (with 10% month to month surcharge). 

C. How do you bill your fee?

The management fee is held from collected rent.

D. How many people are on your team to manage properties?

We have a dedicated Property Management team of 4, plus dozens of handymen, sub-contractors, cleaners, contractors, etc.

E. How do you communicate with landlords?

We use email, text, and phone, based upon the individual preference of each of our property owners. We want to document all communication to owners, and tenants, and prefer to use text and email from our management system for these documentation purposes. We have a dedicated phone number, text number and email address for our property owners.

F. How do you communicate with tenants?

We use email, text, and phone. All communications are thru our online property management system for documentation purposes. Emergencies and late rent collection are handled directly via phone calls from our Property Management team. We have a dedicated phone number, text number and email address for our tenants.

G. How do you handle maintenance?

All maintenance requests are submitted by the tenant thru their personal tenant portal, which enters our maintenance system, where the appropriate service vendor is notified accordingly. We handle these requests as directed by the individual property owner - Some owners want us to get it fixed asap without notifying them. Other owners like to do some of their own work. Some owners want to approve every maintenance request before we send vendors out. We customize the maintenance communications with our individual property owners as they request.

  • a. Do you have a list of vetted vendors for different household maintenance? Yes, after all my years in real estate, Property Management, plus building houses, we have an extensive list of trusted vendors who provide good pricing and good work.
  • b. If we want preventative maintenance performed on the house, will you guys oversee that work? Yes. We will manage and coordinate all maintenance items on the property.
  • c. When maintenance is performed, do you accept and pay the bill, and then get reimbursed from us? This is at the preference of the owner. Most of our owners like to  pay the bill directly to keep their own expense records. Other owners just want us to pay the invoice from the rent collected. We can also hold a set $ amount in reserve of funds if needed.


H. Do you have a 24/7 contact line for tenants?

Yes. All of our tenants have 24/7 communication access via their tenant portal, text, phone and email to our Property Management team.

I. Will you walk renters through basic troubleshooting (how to unclog a drain, reset a pilot light, test an outlet, etc)?

Great question! Yes, with our real estate, property management and construction experience we provide the tenants with some simple troubleshooting tips to help resolve issues, on the spot. We also provide each tenant with a “Trouble Shooting Guide” to provide them documented tips to easily resolve common household issues.

J. What does the process of tenant turnover look like?

Tenants are required to submit a move out request via their dedicated tenant portal. Upon move out, we inspect each property with pictures and/or video documentation. Upon confirmation, and completion, of necessary repairs, deposits are released accordingly to tenant, owner, or both. If any maintenance or updating is required, we notify the property owner and coordinate these as needed.

K. Will there be an extra charge in turnover months?

No extra charges for tenant turnover.

L. Do you have a maximum number of properties you are willing to manage to maintain high standards of service to all tenants and properties?

M. How long do you have to notify us of any deficiencies at move out?

We notify our property owners immediately of all move out scenarios, including damage, deficiencies, etc.

N. Do you perform walkthroughs for visual damages? How often?

Yes, at the property owner's request. We always inspect properties after a move out, repairs, and upon move ins.

O. How are rents collected?

Each tenant has their own dedicated tenant portal which allows them to pay their rents online via ACH draft or credit card.

P. How are property owners paid?

Each property owner also has their own dedicated owner portal. Owner payments are deposited online via ACH draft directly to the the bank account specified by the property owner. In addition, we have a fully automated accounting system that provides all the necessary monthly and annual accounting reports.

Q. Are all tenants screened prior to moving into a unit?

All potential tenants, 18 and over, must submit an online application that includes a full background check, credit check, income  verification, criminal history, and rental history. We want to find tenants qualified to stay, and to pay.

R. When are rents due from tenants?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 5th. On the 6th of each month, late fees start to accrue, and we reach out to delinquent tenants.

S. Do you handle evictions?

Yes. Our first step is to try and work with tenants who are communicating with us. If they are not communicating, then we will serve delinquent tenants the State required 3-day eviction notice. We coordinate the entire eviction process.